A dancer, a clown, an actress and two musicians set off to invent stories around the city. The starting point of the stories are the words generated by the software application What3Words, which maps the entire world into 3X3 square meter grids, each named with random three words.

The performers borrow this site-specific digital data of three words and bring them into the analogue, physical world, creating a world of playful fantasy. The stories thus created are embodied by the performers each in their own performance medium, seamlessly interspersed into each other through an entire hour of improvisation and instant composition.

These.Three.Words emerges from the basic understanding that interaction between human beings is a cultural space, which is created with words, bodies, sounds, expressions, emotions, sensations, going beyond the digital space. The piece relates to the place it is performed in from various points of view of imagination, transforming the site it takes place in. The idea of These.Three.Words is based on moving through and exploring this cultural space, built on the passion of creating stories, entering the unpredictable, risking the unknown.

This performance was premiered at the Sommerszene Festival in 2021 and has received the funding “Frischluft – Kunst im Freien” from the Austrian government to be performed in remote parts of Austria that are not cultural hotspots in 2022.

Duration: Approx. 60 Minutes
Language: English, German

Chris Dahlgren:
Viola da Gamba, Gitarre, Gesang and Text
Dorit Ehlers: Text, Theater
Jordina Millá Benseny: Keyboards, Zither
Nayana Keshava Bhat: Clown-Theater, Text
Olivia Mitterhuemer: Hip Hop and House Dance

Produziert von: INFLUX – Netzwerk für Tanz, Theater und Performance
Co-produziert von: Potpourri – Verein für urbanen Tanz und Nachwuchsförderung
Unterstützt von: ohnetitel – netzwerk für theater & kunstprojekte

Funded by: