Extraordinarily Intolerable

Extraordinarily Intolerable

Several activists and civilians have been facing legal prosecution and imprisonment for their acts of solidarity in defence of the fundamental human rights worldwide.

When and why does a basic human trait that stands for humanity and civility become an intolerable act?

In the frame of the interdisciplinary project “The Performing Solidarity Project” in collaboration and co-production with INFLUX – Network for Dance, Theatre and Performance, a team of 4 artists has been engaging in the development of a performance practice. The resulting artwork is a combination of artistic responses to the aforementioned topic woven together by a contemplative performance practice, exhibited in diverse rooms.

What kind of cultural complications arise once we think of solidarity and empathy as politically subversive? How can we create governing systems that can sustain an inclusive culture of solidarity? How do we stand in solidarity with solidarity itself?


Concept, Research & Performance: Tomaz Simatovic
Research & Performance: Nayana Keshava-Bhat, András Meszerics
Dramaturgical support: Claudia Heu
Co-produced by: INFLUX – Netzwerk für Tanz, Theater und Performance, Toihaus Salzburg
Funded by: Stadt Salzburg Kultur, Bildung und Wissen; Salzburg Land Kulturabteilung

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