The Green Room

The Green Room

The Green Room’ is a talk show with and about artists in Salzburg. The individual episodes give the artists the opportunity to present themselves in a humorous, but also profound way. It is also the goal of the show to build a bridge between the artists’ works and their potential audiences, making art accessible for everyone. Concept by: Ursula Schwarz 

In collaboration with FS1.

Episode 6 - Anna Adensamer

Anna Adensamer is a dancer, choreographer and clown.

She studied dance and music at the University of Performing Arts Vienna and received her master’s degree at the Mozarteum Salzburg. Her focus lies on working and researching the field of experimental dance and performance and she is especially interested in the combination of acting, dance, music, and clowning.

Anna has performed and choreographed at Anis Gras/Paris (F), SZENE Salzburg, Theater Ecce, ARGEkultur Salzburg, Kosmos Theater Vienna, Palais Kabelwerk, Bockkeller, Porgy and Bess and numerous festivals in Europe. She is also currently a clown with the Red Noses Salzburg and a choreographer with Theater Ecce, Salzburg.

Host: Ursula Schwarz 

Guest: Anna Adensamer

Episode 5 - Anna Sandreuter

Anna Sandreuter is an Arial and Hula Hoop artist from Salzburg.

Anna studied at Circus Space in London and then performed for many years in various circus companies.

Since returning to Salzburg, she works here as a freelance artist and teaches at the CircusTrainingsCentrum.

Her latest production “Silk – Women’s Work” in collaboration with Theater Bodi en Sole will premiere in Hallein on May 10, 2023! Link zum Event.

Host: Ursula Schwarz 

Guest: Anna Sandreuter

Episode 4 - Natalia Castaneira

Natalia Castaneira is a Salzburg based dancer, choreographer and pilates teacher, originally from Mexico.

She is with INFLUX for quite a while, improvising with other artists in the format of Salzburg Improvisation Evenings.

Her own choreographic works were shown in Toihaus, ARGEkultur and Festivals in Salzburg. At the moment she is waiting for a baby and worked on a children’s piece „Achellini Zapellini“ together with dancer Pascale Staudenbauer.

Host: Ursula Schwarz 

Guest: Natalia Castaneira

Episode 3 - Yvonne Schäfer

Yvonne Schäfer ist Kostüm- und Bühnenbildnerin.

Neben der Umsetzung von klassischen Bühnenbildern am Theater, realisiert sie auch eigene Projekte, in Form von Rauminstallationen und begehbaren Räumen, die ihre eigene Geschichte erzählen. Stichwort: Environmental Storytelling. Zuletzt in ihrer Abschlussarbeit an der Universität Mozarteum, bei der man als Besucher:in die Dynamiken und Topografien eines politischen Prozesses eindrücklich erleben konnte und beim Open Mind Festival in der ARGEkultur, bei dem sie digitale Räume gestaltete, in denen die Möglichkeit von Berührung im Digitalen verhandelt wurde.

„Der Schwerpunkt in meiner Kunst liegt genau darin, was ein Raum erzählen kann.“ 

Host: Ursula Schwarz 

Guest: Yvonne Schäfer

Episode 2 - Jordina Millà

Jordina Millà is a catalan – Austrian based – pianist and improviser. She has a solid background in classical music. After her studies in CODARTS University of Arts of Rotterdam (BA In classic piano and MA In piano performance) her interest and development went towards free improvised music.
She has a passionate relationship with improvisation and works regularly with interdisciplinar projects, specially with contemporary dance companies and creators. She has performed with a number of international music representatives of the improvisation European scene.
She is constantly amused by discovering the unseen bridges between different artistical practices. She is interested in musical expression outside of the so called traditional legacy, dissolving borders through her own musical language that use extended piano technics to stimulate sound and research different musical logics.

Host: Nayana Keshava Bhat 

Guest: Jordina Millá

Episode 1 (Pilot) - Sea/Mehr

The pilot episode of ‘The Green Room’ – Sea/Mehr – aired on FS1 on May 19th 2022. It was about 30 minutes long.

We have since decided to change the format of the talk show slightly. Therefore the first episode will not be included in this list.

However, you can still watch the episode as part of our Sea/Mehr production.

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