Sea/Mehr – in collaboration with Clownfabrik

Sea/Mehr - in collaboration with Clownfabrik

A sea of clothes.

The Mediterranean? The remains of a collapsed clothing factory?
Does not really matter. Somewhere down there may be many dead.
The question is: how did this catastrophe come about?

The 3 performers on stage approach this question from an existential perspective because they cannot do otherwise. A clown feels, senses, perceives and acts accordingly. Without thinking too much.

The clown represents the archetype of the human psyche.
The clown is the embodiment of unfiltered emotions, a permission to freedom, an anarchist.
The clown wants to be loved and in his endeavors his human faults are revealed.
The clown fails – often.

A sea of clothes. Emotions such as greed, envy and shame come into play and are lived out to the point of crazy with the playfulness of the clown in its lightness and depth.

In this collaborative work between INFLUX and Clownfabrik, the artists explore the subconscious motivations behind one of the disasters of our time. They examine the emotional landscape of greed from a clownesque/grotesque point of view, as a way of dealing with the topic of the incident of the Rana Plaza clothing factory collapse in Bangladesh in 2013.

This project forms a link of continuity to the “Performing Solidarity Project” (PSP) researched and developed by choreographer Tomaz Simatovic in collaboration with INFLUX in 2018-2019.

Direction/choreography: Nayana Keshava Bhat

Performance: Ortwin Probst, Ursula Schwarz
Musical accompaniment: Julia Leckner on the violin, voice and text
Costumes: Ursula Schwarz
Produced by: INFLUX – Netzwerk für Tanz, Theater und Performance
Co-production/ venue partner: Toihaus Theater
Funded by: Land Salzburg, Salzburg Stadt Kultur, Bildung und Wissen

Duration: 60 Mins

Language: German

About Clownfabrik:
Clownfabrik was founded by Peter Kaubisch and Ursula Schwarz in 2014 as an open platform and training for clowning in Salzburg. Over the years Clownfabrik has developed into a clown ensemble that mostly performs on the street and at festivals in the form of walk acts (Fairkehrtes Fest, Kunstschleuder Festival, Linzergassenfest, Puppen Tanz, Jazz and the City). The clowns are also part of the regular interdisciplinary practice at the Salzburg Improvisation Evenings.

'The Green Room' - Sea/Mehr

First episode of a new talk show format in English language, introducing artists in Salzburg.

In the pilot episode of ‘The Green Room’ Ursula Schwarz and Tomaz Simatovic talk about their project Sea/Mehr and give an insight in their way of working and creating.

Host: Nayana Keshava Bhat

Guests: Ursula Schwarz & Tomaz Simatovic

In collaboration with FS1.

More episodes of ‘The Green Room’ can be found here.