Salzburg Improvisation Research Lab – Edition #1

Dance artist & choreographer Nayana Keshava Bhat initiated “Salzburg Interdisciplinary Improvisation Research Lab” in 2022 as a platform for research and development of multidisciplinary Improvisation and Instant Composition in performance in Salzburg City.

In this first edition of the lab, eight artists were invited through an open call to gather, exchange and research various aspects of improvisation in performance. The lab took place from the 10th to the 15th of June 2022 in Toihaus Theater, and culminated in three performative interventions in public spaces in Salzburg city.

These performances took place at:

1. Art Hotel Blaue Gans

2. Kollegienkirche

3. Zwerglgarten – Mirabellgarten

The intention behind this recurring lab format is to offer dedicated time and space for intensive and sustained research into multidisciplinary improvisation formats and instant composition in performance in Salzburg city. Additionally, it is a means of bringing artists from within and outside of Salzburg together, thereby creating a network and collaborative engagement.

Photos & Videos: (c) Raphi Mittendorfer

This project is produced with the financial support of Stadt Salzburg, Land Salzburg and the European Union.

The views expressed herein can in no way be taken to reflect the official opinion of the European Union.