Salzburg Improvisation Evenings

Salzburg Improvisation Evenings

Salzburg Improvisation Evenings is an open improvisation practice for performers of all genres such as, musicians, dancers,  actors, singers and so on.

Salzburg Improvisation Evenings invites performers of all genres such as, musicians, dancers, actors, singers and so on, to be part of and create an on-going improvisation and live performance practice.

It is a participatory performance format, at the core of which lies active engagement on the part of performers as well as the audience members. This work focuses on exploring and understanding the nature of improvisation as an artistic practice, using it as a tool to generate material for performance, as well as treating the form itself as a way of live performance and composition. The practice is to sharpen our skills of instant composition, develop a keen sense of listening, and understand to work with the laws of interdisciplinary artistic practices.

The regular meetings between artists are also a possibility to encounter diverse performing artists at work, and build possible working relationships and collaborations with one another.

The meetings will take place on the dates below, some of which are open for public viewing. Those that are open for public viewing include performances on stage in Toihaus theatre, and an informative engagement with the audience along with snacks and drinks, with a possibility of interaction with the practitioners.

This project is a co-production between INFLUX – Netzwerk für Tanz, Theater und Performance and Toihaus Theater. It has been funded by Stadt Salzburg Kultur, Bildung und Wissen; Salzburg Land Kulturabteilung.

If you are a practising artist and want to be part of this on-going work, please find more details and how to register here.


*Studio practice:

*Public performances:

Time: 19:00 hrs to 21:00 hrs
The meetings will take place at Toihaus Theater, Franz Josef Strasse 4

*These dates are only until the summer break. Autumn dates will be announced soon.


CAGE by Katie Duck with Nayana Keshava Bhat

Improvisation artist Katie Duck will perform her world-touring piece, “CAGE”, in collaboration with Nayana Keshava Bhat on the evening of March 4th at Toihaus Theater at 19 hrs, as the opening performance of Salzburg Improvisation Evenings 2020 Edition.

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