Die Krise mit der Krise

INFLUX member, Ursula Schwarz was awarded the Arbeitsstipendium für zeitgenössische Kunst 2020/2021, with the support of which she developed the project “Die Krise mit der Krise”.
Five women show their humorous approach to failure, overstraining, everyday madness – not only, but especially – in times of “crisis”…
We actually can’t hear this word anymore. Crisis and failure are not only reserved for times of a pandemic. Basically, we fail every day. We just don’t like to admit it! The clownish perspective helps to put everything in perspective: We’re all idiots anyway. So what the heck….
Cheers to all women and their crises and their courage to show them!

Director & Concept: Ursula Schwarz
Performers: Anna Russegger, Melanie Kleinfercher, Denise Huber, Anja Monden, Sylvia Umgeher
Production management FS1: Ilma Tyrbetari

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