CAGE by Katie Duck with Nayana Keshava Bhat

CAGE by Katie Duck with Nayana Keshava Bhat

Improvisation artist Katie Duck will perform her world-touring piece, “CAGE”, in collaboration with Nayana Keshava Bhat on the evening of March 4th at Toihaus Theater at 19 hrs, as the opening performance of Salzburg Improvisation Evenings 2020 Edition.

CAGE is a solo by Katie Duck with an invitation for collaboration. INFLUX artist Nayana Keshava Bhat accepts this invitation, bringing her own Indian/Austrian cultural influence into the work. CAGE refers to the composer John Cage whose scores, among other things, introduced musicians to choice. CAGE also refers to how the institutionalisation of absolutely everything, the loss of love, the need to face the anatomic perfection of what the Vagina actually is and the use of death as a tactic for fear has suppressed our emotions and feelings forcing us all to live in a CAGE.

CAGE is played by one nomadic woman and an artist or artists from the culture where it is played. It is not played only by women artists. It has been played by several different gender combinations of artists. CAGE offers no solutions by way of equal rights using sports metaphors, winners or losers. Cage is about – total take over.

CAGE has been played in Italy, the USA, Hong Kong, Spain, Holland, Slovenia, Argentina, Canada, France and Mexico as a solo, as a duet and in some cases as a group piece with live musicians.

About Katie Duck:
Katie Duck has been a professional performer and maker since the early 1970’s. She has been an influential figure in how she has placed improvisation as an intricate element in composition and performance internationally, inspiring generations of performers, musicians and performance makers. She set up the acclaimed Gruppo in Italy in 1979 and toured Europe with a host of productions. She was head of choreography at Dartington College of arts (senior lecturer) in the late 1980’s. She joined the staff at Amsterdam Hogeschool voor de kunsten in 1991 teaching movement research, improvisation, composition and technique and founded the improvisational dance and music company Magpie in the 1990’s with whom she toured internationally. She has created numerous solo productions including her recent work CAGE which she is currently touring all over the world. She is also currently touring with Sharon Smith with the duet ABANDON HUMAN expressing their positions as feminist. (

Katie’s career has included independent teaching, University teaching, set choreographies, structured improvisations, music and dance real time performances 

and live streaming international performances. Her collaborations have been with musicians, visual artists, lighting designers, dancers, actors and comedians. She has initiated education courses and workshops, festivals and monthly performance series in her three bases Italy, England and Holland. She runs a Summer Intensive since 2009 to today over a three week period in Amsterdam that brings students from all over the world to study and do performances. (

She has led dance companies, dance/music companies, advises young artists and has written text for her performances as well as critical articles. Katie has a determination to continue her research in theatre, music, dance, text and performance. Alongside her vocational studies, her research has led her toward social studies, cultural studies and brain studies. She believes that her research must not be validated by way of academic speech alone but rather on her insistence to hear, see and take part in the practice. (

This version of the work is created in co-production with INFLUX – Netzwerk für Tanz, Theater und Performance and Toihaus Theater. It has been funded by Salzburg Stadt and Salzburg Land.