Nayana Keshava Bhat

dancer/choreographer/teacher, born in 1985 in Karnataka, India.

I am trained in Bharatanatyam and graduated from Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance (SEAD) with a post-graduate certification in choreography. Besides, I am a qualified journalist, with work experience in print and electronic media. Having worked as a professional performance artiste for over a decade, both for companies as well as independently, I learned, albeit through painful mistakes, how to work with other artistes in different roles as a performer, as a choreographer, as a facilitator, as a team member, or/and as a leader. I learned to create my artistic expression through diverse but complementary media such as dance, clown-theatre, textual improvisation and writing. I am learning actively to combine my journalistic curiosity and skills and my physical abilities as a dancer in my works as an artist.

  • people and bodies, in stories of all kinds, drama, humour
  • exploration and experimentation of time and space
  • consciousness and matter
  • the why’s and the how’s
  • creating works that embody and express contrasting ideas
  • in bridging the gap between contemporary art and its (potential) audiences through artistic works
  • in creating a space for artists to come together to create their own works

I believe that in order to create impactful works we need a community that supports itself. We need a network of people with whom we can create long-term collaborations in every sense, through which we can create meaningful works that can bring us forward. INFLUX is meant to develop such a community where differences will be celebrated, where diversity will be the driving source of creativity, where creative people can work together in an honest, sincere and sustainable way.

Also because, through INFLUX I want to contribute towards branching arts out into various aspects of life, not confining to performance spaces and theatres, but as an essential part of our daily lives.

Ursula Schwarz

actor/clown/theatre pedagogue, Salzburg-based, born in 1983 in Linz, Austria.

  • that I like to work with people and groups – so I studied pedagogics
  • how to inspire others to be artistic, creative and theatrical – in my training of education of theatre
  • to laugh about myself and accept that the inner idiot is always there – that’s why I became a clown
  • that theatre doesn’t necessarily need words – so I trained in physical theatre in Berlin
  • that I love to be on stage – but I am also talented and keen on directing

everything i do is about connecting (with) people

  • stories of all kinds – film, theatre, movement, songs,….
  • touching people and make them laugh – with my clowning and performances
  • teaching arts and inspire people to think out of the box – in theatre and clowing workshops with all ages
  • the social and political impact of arts – bringing arts into the urban image of Salzburg
  • questioning sexual stereotypes and gender topics – in my clowning and theatre projects

It is important to have a network in which artists support each other. I am interested in connecting with others and find the tie points between people, different artworks and artistic ways of expression. I think art should raise questions, make connections where others may not see them and inspire everyone to take action too! Art shouldn’t close herself up in an artistic ivory tower, but be with the people. That’s what we try to do with the interdisciplinary work of INFLUX! And I am looking forward to the different kinds of projects and workshops we will realise! What I enjoy most is the chaos in the beginning, the devising work and the improvisation – not knowing where it will lead….

Verena Pircher

dancer/teacher, born in 1992 in Salzburg, Austria
Photo: Nadine_Schachinger

Verena Pircher

dancer/teacher, born in 1992 in Salzburg, Austria
Photo: Nadine_Schachinger
When pursuing my contemporary dance education at Codarts in Rotterdam I learned that when you step out of your comfort zone, great things are bound to happen.
I learned to trust myself, when I was working with the dance company Norrdans in Sweden.
When I moved back to my hometown Salzburg, I learned that when you trust others, even greater things are bound to happen.
I have learned that the learning never stops. This makes me a curious researcher, always wanting to have a peek at what’s beyond the known territory. 
Through dance and the arts in general I am continuously learning to embrace the ups and downs of life as invaluable sparks of inspiration. Life itself tells the best stories – we just need to pause and listen!
  • human bodies and their history
  • art as a powerful tool to build community and create our future together
  • the magic of live performance and improvisation which cannot be described with words
  • the here and now and its endless potential
  • courageous people and their vulnerable sides
  • going to the edge and beyond
  • the whole is always more than the sum of its parts
  • exchange is the soul of the arts
  • art is not an elite good – it’s for everyone!
  • the importance of fun should never be underestimated! 😉