SIE open stage (double bill)

Improvisation is our passion. Instant composition is our goal.

We are already preparing intensively for the show on Thursday 26th of January at 7.30pm. Come and get your tickets now 🙂

The double bill includes:

  • One performances with five performers each. These performances are composed in real time, based on improvised scores.
  • Additionally you will see the video and text installation of „In between moments“ – Making of a Manifesto by Nayana Keshava Bhat.

The performers are:

  • Agnes Distelberger & Olivia Mitterhuemer (who share the artistic direction), Ursula Schwarz, Jonathan Noch and Chris Dahlgren as the musician.

Expect the unexpected.

More infos…

Image: Nicola Lieser


Jan 26 2023


7:30 pm




Toihaus Theater
Franz Josef Strasse 4

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