Multi-disciplinary Improvisation Workshop with Katie Duck

Salzburg Improvisation Evenings presents a 3-day multidisciplinary workshop in Improvisation with artist and teacher Katie Duck for performing artists of all disciplines.

“I guide performers through physical exercises that highlight how the eyes and ears affect movement choices. I set up exercises for the musicians, text artists and vocalists during the physical work to challenge their ability to create “a band” while being aware that space is shifting with bodies involved. Musicians and performers can choose to change roles in these exercises at any given time. I extend the workshop towards improvisation sessions, using this as a platform to choose pause, flow or exit. I highlight how the limit of these three choices can already provide the frame for a composition to take place, and that misunderstanding, coincidence, real time, interactivity, messiness, emotions, intuition, impulse and inspiration are basic in a creative process. These raw materials are integrated with the combined fact that everyone in the workshop group can make a choice.
I use games to set an example for building and dropping the tension in the music theater space by way of an individual’s presence with an emphasis on states of mind in performance, such as vulnerability and expressionism.
Every day we will practice and engage with all of the aspects available to us in to music theater platform. I will center on one area of study in lectures, practice, feedback and reflection each day; sonic – tension – body / music – body –text / music – object – figure.”

About Katie Duck
Katie Duck has worked with music artists from various backgrounds, acoustic electronic, jazz, traditional, modern music and punk, who share her passion for interdisciplinary real time performances. She has worked with directors, actors, vocalists, dancers, and physical theater artists from various backgrounds in companies, troupes, solo and ensembles.

She has included texts in her performances since the 70’s with an ear on how this can integrate musically as well as produce an objectified meaning of events. She has included the use of object in relationship to figure since her early work in Italy in the 80’s.

Katie uses these experiences to distinguish a Music Theater platform for interdisciplinary real time performances. She works with artists from all performance art and music backgrounds without prejudice concerning technical skills or aesthetic boundaries.


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Aug 30 2019 - Sep 01 2019


11:00 am - 3:00 pm




Salzburg Improvisation Evenings


Toihaus Theater
Franz Josef Strasse 4
INFLUX - Netzwerk für Tanz, Theater und Performance


INFLUX - Netzwerk für Tanz, Theater und Performance

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