“In between moments….” – Making of a Manifesto: a multi-media exhibition

What is a manifesto?

“Manifesto is related to manifest, which occurs in English as a noun, verb, and adjective. Of these, the adjective, which means “readily perceived by the senses”, is oldest, dating to the 14th century. Both manifest and manifesto derive ultimately from the Latin noun manus (“hand”) and -festus, a combining form of uncertain meaning that is also found in the Latin adjective infestus (“hostile”), an ancestor of the English infest.

Something that is manifest is easy to perceive or recognize, and a manifesto is

a statement in which someone makes his or her intentions or views easy for people to ascertain…”


About this exhibition

The material on display here is part of the first phase of an artistic research on the topic of Manifesto. It focuses on defining the manifestos of the three artists involved in the process. Each of these manifestos rests upon its “expressor’s” fluid identities that span across their experiences as artists, individuals, parents, men and women, and their inter- connectedness.

Naturally, the process is based on the practice of improvisation, which allows the inherent complexity to arise without filters, thereby enabling a study of it.

This particular exhibition is about

following the thread of an idea, an impulse and thereby unravelling a universe.

Being authentic, transparent. In this process, the fragility, the freedom and the constraints of improvisation are being reflected upon by the artists involved.

The media used are written text, audio recordings of conversations, and film and photographic documentation.

About this project

“Manifesto” is a project conceived and directed by choreographer Nayana Keshava Bhat, as a revival and resumption of her individual artistic journey following a life-changing event. In this process, she encounters and accompanies the journeys of six other artists, as a means of manifesting a collective, artistic truth.

In this stage of the project research, Nayana collaborates with Chris Dahlgren on Viola da Gamba and text, and Verena Pircher on dance and text.

Filmmaker Mircea Sorin Albutiu documents the process in film and photographs.

Dates of exhibition: 30.11. – 04.12. 2022

Opening hours: 30.11./01.12./02.12. – 10 AM to 1 PM & 03.12./04.12. – 3 PM to 6 PM

Venue: Kerzenmacherei, Sterneckstraße 22

Duration of the loop: 15-30 minutes

Free entry to all!


Concept, research, direction, editing: Nayana Keshava Bhat
Research & performance: Chris Dahlgren and Verena Pircher
Film and Photos: Mircea Sorin Albutiu
Produced by: INFLUX – Netzwerk für Tanz, Theater und Performance
Funded by:    


Nov 30 2022 - Dec 02 2022


3. & 4. December from 3-6 PM
10:00 am - 1:00 pm


Sterneckstraße 22, Salzburg

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