The word “Influx” can be described as inundation, a flowing in or coming in of something.

INFLUX – Network for Dance, Theatre and Performance is a wide network of artists from various disciplines. It acts as a framework that creates spaces where artists can come together not only to practice their art, but also to share the value generated through their work with a wider population. 

This exchange of value is made possible through various forms and formats such as, performances, research labs, workshops aimed at artists & non-artists, artistic projects with children and young adults, documentation of artistic & research processes, and collaborations between various disciplines.

Through INFLUX, we are dedicated to creating bridges within sociological divisions such as arts, science, education, activism, politics and so on. Have a look at the different projects that we have done over the years.

Based in the city of Salzburg but made of artists from all over the world, INFLUX strives at creating artist(ic) communities based on trust, generosity, and solidarity.