SIE On Stage

Our beloved format for improvised performances in Salzburg, SIE Open Stage, now has a new look!!

SIE On Stage, platform for live performances through instant composition

It has been renamed as “SIE On Stage”, acting as a dedicated platform for showcasing multi-/interdisciplinary works of Improvisation and Instant Composition. Through this platform, we invite artists based in Salzburg as well as outside to share their work. 

Besides performances, informal artist-audience interactions are an integral part of SIE Open Stage events. The intention is to develop a deeper understanding for improvised interdisciplinary performance formats in Salzburg City.

We thank our generous and loyal partner Toihaus Theatre for hosting “Salzburg Improvisation Evenings” for the last five years, and for continuing their solid support!

We also thank our funding partners, Stadt and Land Salzburg, for supporting and trusting our experimental approach that has enabled these formats. 

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