SIE Studio Sessions

Salzburg Improvisation Evenings invites performers of all genres such as, musicians, dancers, actors, singers and so on, to be part of and create an on-going improvisation and live performance practice with our regular Studio Sessions.

Salzburg Improvisation Evenings, Person lying on the grass playing with a ball.

How to take part

1. We will meet once every month for three hours at a stretch – 18:30 to 21:30 hrs.

2. Each meeting will have a specific topic of research and study, led by a specific artist picked by the actual organisational team of INFLUX. 

3. The practitioners pay a nominal fee of 5€ towards the session that will go to the person leading the session.

4. The practice remains open for all professional performing artists who have a basic understanding of improvisation and Instant Composition in performance.

5. The limit of maximum participants in the Studio Practice is 10 persons.

6. Since the places are limited, it is necessary to register until the day before, via email ( or a message – if you are already a member.


Spontaneous participants are welcome if there are open spots!

Dates, Time & Location

You can find all of this information under Events – SIE Studio Sessions.

More info

Read more about SIE Salzburg Improvisation Evenings here.

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