Salzburg Improvisation Research Lab – Edition #2

The second edition of Salzburg Improvisation Research Lab begins on the 3rd of September, 2023 at Camerata, Salzburg and runs for five days.

Three people around a bike.

Salzburg Improvisation Research Lab is a dedicated platform for deepening the knowledge and development of multi/interdisciplinary improvisation and Instant Composition. 

This lab brings together practising artists from abroad, as well as from Austria into the city of Salzburg as a means of exchange and study of different approaches to the work of improvisation in performance. It operates under a self-governing approach, where the participating artists determine the focus of the daily workings of the lab based on the questions of their individual practices. 



  • Pau Sola – Cello (Spain/Holland)
  • Wieland Möller – Drums/Percussion (Germany)
  • Tomaz Simatovic – Movement/Dance (Slovenia/Austria)
  • Andras Meszerics – Poetry/Dance (Hungary/Austria)
  • Dorit Ehlers – Theatre/Movement (Germany/Austria)
  • Jordina Millà – Piano (Spain/Austria)
  • Nayana Keshava Bhat – Movement/Dance/Text (India/Austria)

‘Why research improvisation?’, in other words, Lab Agenda:

Improvisation is the chaotic, rich practice of creating in the moment, while accepting the inevitable. It is the practice of paying attention to what is going on in any given moment. 

Multidisciplinary improvisation is a means to study different disciplines co-existing in time and space, influencing one another. Works of interdisciplinary improvisation and instant composition allow us to observe the complexity and causality of each form, the multiple ways they evoke resonance, all side by side. 

This lab is a platform for knowledge-sharing through practice and dialogue. It aims at building an expanding community of improvisers irrespective of their geographical location and genre.

Studio Showing

On the 7th of September, the final day of the lab, a studio showing will be shared with a private audience, which will also be live-streamed to the general public through FS1 Community TV. The time of the live-stream is yet to be decided.

This edition of the lab is an INFLUX initiative, conceived by Nayana Keshava Bhat, developed along with Dorit Ehlers and Jordina Millà.

This project is produced with the financial support of Stadt Salzburg, Land Salzburg and the European Union.

The views expressed herein can in no way be taken to reflect the official opinion of the European Union.

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