Open Call – The School of Narrative Dance

The community project by the highly respected Italian artist Marinella Senatore is titled “The School of Narrative Dance”. It is a project with and for people of all backgrounds, age, gender, interests, race not barring. You are invited to be a part of this exciting project!

INFLUX members, Nayana and Olivia, have been selected to be participating choreographers at the finale parade at Sommerszene 2023.

Nayana and Olivia will be each leading two workshops for this parade through which, the participants will be facilitated to create their own performances in the parade. The workshops will focus on exploring the joy of dance, connection, individual expression and performance through various teaching methods.

Dates for the workshops

Nayana’s workshops, both titled “The Mindful Body”, will take place from the 12.06. – 15.06.2023 and again from the 17.06. – 19.06.2023.

Olivia will be leading a workshop in Hip Hop from 09.06. to 11.06.2023, and another in House Dance from 19.06. to 22.06.2023.

The project has several free workshops to be a part of which, interested participants are invited to register at

Date for the final parade

The results of the workshops will be shared through the finale parade on the 24th of June at Sommerszene Festival.

You can find the entire list of workshops, as well as all other related information about the project, here

Open Call - The School of Narrative Dance
The School of Narrative Dance

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