DIGITAL SPRING – Media Art Festival Salzburg – March 21-25, 2022

Ursula Schwarz is one of four fellows at this year’s Digital Spring Festival!

LAB TALK – Friday 25.3.22, 19:00, ARGEkultur

  • What is theater in digital spaces?
  • Can an avatar perform?
  • And: How can closeness and intimacy be experienced online?

In this year’s DIGITAL SPRING Media Art Lab fellows Lisa Hinterreithner, Yvonne Schäfer, Ursula Schwarz and Julia Schwarzbach will explore these questions via the social VR platform ‘Mozilla Hubs’, mentored by the media theater collective minus.eins.

Located in the Digital Foyer of ARGEkultur, they develop their own spaces and artistic approaches to the theme of ‘touch’ and present their work process in this Lab Talk. The projects started during DIGITAL SPRING will be developed throughout the year and will be presented at the opening of the Digital Foyer of ARGEkultur during the OPEN MIND Festival in November.

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Artist talk with minus.eins and the fellows of the Media Art Lab | In cooperation with FS1

Friday 25.3.22, 19:00, ARGEkultur


Not only since the Corona pandemic, it has become obvious that the use of new media and technologies in art is by no means just a niche phenomenon. While media art has already made great strides in recent decades, the use of new technologies in performative art, for example, is still in its infancy. The artistic use of media, and especially the use of so-called ‘new media’, has to be learned and is not to be taken implicit in a dynamically growing independent art scene.

That’s why DIGITAL SPRING – our biennial media art festival – is changing its face starting this year: At the center is our new Media Art Lab – a workshop program in which local artists from different disciplines come into contact with media art practice. A transdisciplinary lab in which new ideas can be tested and one’s own artistic practice can be expanded. This year, four fellows from Salzburg – the artists Lisa Hinterreithner, Yvonne Schäfer, Ursula Schwarz and Julia Schwarzbach – are working together with the artist group minus.eins on digital spaces based on the social VR platform Mozilla Hubs, which can be experienced for the first time in November as part of the OPEN MIND Festival in our new Digital Foyer.

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