Salzburg Improvisation Evenings

What: Salzburg Improvisation Evenings is an open improvisation practice for performers of all genres such as, musicians, dancers,  actors, singers and so on.
This training focuses on exploring and understanding the nature of improvisation as an artistic practice, using it as a tool not only to generate material for performance, but also treat it as a form of live performance and composition. The regular meetings are a possibility to encounter diverse performing artistes at work, and build possible working relationships and collaborations with one another.

When & where: The meetings will take place twice a month in Toihaus Theater, Franz Josef Strasse 4, on the following dates.


Usually, the first meeting of the month will be open to public viewing, followed by a possible interaction between the audience members and the artists. The second meeting of the month is closed for the public.

Co-production partners: This project is co-produced and supported by Toihaus Theater.

If you are interested in participation, or have any further questions regarding the meetings, kindly write to us on